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TurboListings is a Craigslist classifieds API bulk posting solution specifically for used cars and trucks for sale.

What makes TurboListings CRAIGSLIST POSTING SERVICE better than all others?

Our Craigslist posting software solution has built-in search engine optimization for each individual listing. We're not talking about your regular search engines' optimization such as Google, BING or Yahoo; we're talking about the search function on Craigslist when people are searching for cars and trucks for sale.


For instance, if we post a GMC Acadia, we will discuss the extreme similarities to the Chevy Traverse, right within the post, because we built a proprietary database of vehicle similarities. This causes our ads to come up for both vehicle searches and can drive someone originally interested in one model, into another they may not even have been aware was so similar, but indeed would want if they only knew about it. This makes a huge difference if a dealer had the Traverse in stock, yet did not have the Acadia, or vice-versa.

More opportunity to sell based on better available information. We do not use spam junk unrelated keyword-stuffed content like our competitors which only leads to ghosting and flagging anyway. We have found that strategic vehicle similarities cause our listings to receive four to six more inquiries per listing, sometimes even more. If and when you are posting a lot of vehicles for a dealership, this turns into a much - much higher call volume and a lot more eyeballs than listings from individual dealers or our competitors.


In addition to this difference, our software, unlike our competitors, is designed to be used in conjunction with a human reviewer; it is not designed to operate on its own. This results in a much higher level of quality control and better optimized ad, because after the software posts the vehicle, a human reviewer goes over each post and ensures that the ad is ideal including its first image being the best image; a computer cannot realistically do this. The human reviewer will also look to see what advanced options a vehicle has, such as chrome wheels', 'third row' or 'navigation', something that ordinary software often just does not pick up on, and then the human reviewer will add these key features to the vehicles title. They may also add that the vehicle has "Third Row Seating" in addition to writing "3RD ROW" to get people's attention while capturing both possible ways of writing the desired options.

If a user searches for a "GMC Acadia with Third Row" or "GMC Acadia 3RD ROW" our postings will capture both variations. Same strategy applies for popular models such as "Chrysler 300C" "300 C" "Lexus RX 350" "RX350" "BMW 3 Series" "330i" "330 i" and/or highly popular generic terms such as "Minivan / Caravan" as additional examples. Users search for things in all sorts of ways and you need to capture all variations.

This results in hundreds more shoppers seeing your vehicles in search results; wouldn't you want to have this covered?

Yes, you would, and this is exactly why our listings experience a much higher number of views including higher click-through rates, again, increasing overall call volume even further.


Craigslist Automotive Posting

Aside from your regular make and model searches, the following 'out-of-the-ordinary' BUT RELEVANT keywords would generate ads such as the above ad: AWD Crossover, SUV Cargo Room, SUV 7 seats, SUV 8 seats, SUV Third Row, SUV 3rd Row, 8 seat crossover, family friendly crossover, family friendly SUV, SUV for Family, Full Size Crossover, Full Size SUV, GMC Crossover, Best Family SUV, Trailblazer, Buick Enclave, etc.. etc…

This is why it is impossible to experience the same result with a different service.


In addition to this difference, our software is designed to act as a virtual Craigslist BDC person, and when a cloaked hidden private Craigslist user email inquiry comes in from a posted vehicle, our human reviewer will attempt to answer the question with a limited response intended to both answer the consumer while not giving-away too much information which would limit the opportunity for the sales team to interact with the prospect. This helps trigger a phone call to the dealership for additional details as the consumers answer always includes a message to call the dealership at the tracking number provided. This again further increases the number of inbound calls to the dealership.

In addition, our software acts as a virtual Craigslist BDC person helping trigger a phone call to the dealership for additional details as the consumers answer always includes a message to call the dealership at the tracking number provided. This again further increases the number of inbound calls to the dealership.


The above competitor adding this to the bottom of your vehicle posts is just going to get you spammed-out, ghosted and flagged!

There is nothing cool or innovative about the above example that just spams Craigslist. Not only does it make your ads look terrible, but it will also annoy users (and Craigslist admins), while getting your listings filtered out of results (Ghosted), have your posts marked as spam, flagged, etc.. Remember this: innovators win while copiers loose!


Can you do TurboListings for the same price as the competitors?

Our software is designed to be the absolute best; it is not designed to be the cheapest. If you are looking to maximize your lead volume opportunities from your Craigslist automotive postings and you are looking to see the maximum amount of inquiries on each vehicle, you use our hands-off full service Craigslist posting service to get the job done. If you are looking for mediocre results, something you can work on yourself, or only for the cheapest solution you can find, use one of our competitors.


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Find out why TurboListings is THE BEST Used Cars Listings Syndication

TurboListings syndicates vehicle inventory on multiple local and national shopping sites to assure you maximum exposure.

Key features in TurboListings Version 2.0 include: vehicle specific comparisons for with added SEO performed by proprietary algorithms and technology; ability to dispatch email leads from its lead generation program to multiple sources in selected formats including XML-ADF (auto dealer format) and HTML, ability to swap out both toll-free and local tracking phone numbers based on the venue the software syndicates specific vehicles listings on auto pilot. Now with significantly improved reporting, customizable template based ads featuring design and disclosures to meet facility's parameters; improved and streamlined scheduling; branded email communications across all partnered sites, improved email-spam filtering, upgraded capabilities for CRM Integration and increased oversight by onsite-administrators who run the software, completely eliminating any hands on involvement at the dealership level; a true and complete hands off service.

Cars Digital Inc are the creators of TurboListings

Auto-lead Data Format (ADF) is used for communicating consumer purchase requests to your dealership. ADF is used so that your leads are automatically inputted into your CRM (customer relationship management) system. Cars Digital technology supports multiple CRM formats and will automatically send your leads in the required format. We'll even CC (carbon copy) unlimited recipients to receive alerts. We also provide the analytics, business intelligence and call management technologies required to convert inbound vehicle shopper calls to showroom appointments at triple the rates of the average dealer. All of our integrated solutions are designed to increase your sales and profits. Not only do we track your calls, but we also record them to maximize your sales department's oversight and training opportunities. Plus, if we hear a call that we feel was not handled properly, we're going to tell you about it.

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